Friday, February 27, 2009

Freedom of choice to create + utilize SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENT

Freedom of choice to utilize SCIENTIFIC ADVANCEMENT.

What do I mean? Well, stem cell research was completely thwarted by backward thinking Bush. It's been about a month since I did a shout out to President Obama. I'm overdue. THANK YOU Mr. Obama for working so quickly to get stem cell research back on track.

To any person out there who has benefitted from the freedom to pursue ART, to TRY to have their own bio baby, this SHOULD matter to you. You've been able and allowed to access options, to have HOPE due to scientific technological advancements. If this doesn't matter to you, ask yourself this: WHY would you want those afflicted with their own chronic maladies to not have the same opportunities you've had? WHY put a ceiling on improving human existence?

I do hope my take on this doesn't offend Mel, from Stirrup Queens, but I firmly believe this topic is SO much more important than how it appears at face value:

Here's her post:

My comment #1:

Uh boy. This one esp. hits home to me right now as I await my TRANSFER on Sunday. Simply put: another example of lazy, irresponsible journalism that only fans the flames of IFer ostracism. Good job NYT, you're staying true to your fictitious reporting history.

Their reason (excuse) for this decision is inexcusable. The English language is wonderful because there are so many words to specifically communicate ideas--it's their JOB to use words authentically and well.

I have many punches I'd like to swing on this. Is that the hormones? Not sure. This is ALL so rage-worthy.

Yesterday I wrapped up my "prepping my womb" post--an exercise in hope as I establish a fluffy home for the embies. It was an emotional process. But more importantly, in that post, I address ABORTION. I'm vehemently PRO-CHOICE. Legalized abortion is inextricably intertwined with our rights to utilize ART procedures. It's a slippery slope. Admittedly, it's a touchy subject I have yet to read posted by a fellow IFer.

On my 2nd post on the same day, I bemoan the fact that they do not yet have the technology to actually do the implantation.

That doctor has already established he is unethical. So why in the world would he be believed that he has figured out how to do an actual implantation vs. transfer?

Seriously want to line these people up for my punch fest.

My comment #2:

Okay. Call it the hormones...

It's beyond my control, I cannot resist adding this additional thought. As time passes and we look at these events in hindsight, as HISTORY, these are the events that could have a seriously negative snowball effect not just for women TTC their own bio baby, but evvvveryone--whether they give IF a second thought or not:

3 words: embryonic stem cells.

Thank you, Mel, for the post. Thanks for being so visible out there as our honorary IF spokesperson. Thanks for your continued total absence of apathy.

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  1. I hadn't seen that post by Mel. It was very good. Thank you for posting about it!