Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fearless IF blogging--no apologies necessary.

A few of the talented ladies with whom I'm sharing this piss stew are contributors on what promises to be a great new IF site:

They're splendid writers and deserve some props for "coming out" about being infertile to larger masses. Any form of "coming out" is an act of bravery. Coming out indicates we're different and have been closeted about something. That we have an "affliction" that is probably misunderstood, feared, and possibly scorned. Our society is just so darned uncomfortable with people who don't have the star on their bellies.

Erin, from Pieces of Me wrote a heartbreaking post about how this lack of acceptance and understanding causes searing pain. This post should be read by every friend and family member who knows someone who is infertile. And to those potential grandparents hounding their kids about creating a grandchild for them, oh don't get me started. Suffice it to say, they should be the first to put this at the top of their reading list.

This road we're all on is full of different twists and turns--all ending up in tears either way: joy or sorrow. The reason we're all a bloggin' away about our personal dramas is to work through our shit. It goes beyond feeling the shared pain in the emotions of another's dismal state, sometimes someone may post something that makes one uncomfortable to read about their having opposing political or religious beliefs from yours. All part of the deal. We're all participants in the "Silent Sorority". When we blog, if we're being true to ourselves, honoring our lot, if we're doing it right, we should be fearlessly eviscerating our emotions--with no apologies. Erin, no apology necessary. That's exactly the type of writing you need to be doing. We all need to be doing. If we're putting a veneer up for anyone, we're off track. Readers will appreciate the raw truth that spills forth.

The blogosphere is an amazing forum to create a wonderful circle of support where the ties run surprisingly deep. It's intense because we're all braving expressing ourselves to the core of our being. How lucky are we to still have this unregulated forum to courageously self-publish our deepest inner musings?

That said, Fuck. Transfer happening on Sunday now. The lab couldn't clearly convey the lowdown to me due to the language barrier. Another lost in trans... Taipei. I did, however, understand they're growing sloooooowly (Of course they are. They're half mine.) and the doctor pushed it to Sunday morning on March 1st. Still no idea how many, quality, AH, etc...

Sooooo tired from the Progesterone.


  1. Clearly I'm biased, but I so appreciate your endorsement of Fertility Authority. Nothing like getting naked in front of the world to work out some issues...

    Speaking of getting naked, I hope all goes well this weekend. Will be thinking of you and the embies.

    ps. I almost spit out my coffee when I got to the part about slow growing and your involvement... kudos to you for keeping your sense of humor amid this daunting experience.

  2. I totally agree that we should be open about this stuff. It's the only way anyone else will ever understand. I'm going to go read that article. I've read some of the others already.

    I'm sorry the transfer is taking a little longer than expected, and that you aren't getting the answers you need. I'm amazed at how well you are handling it though. I'd be a mess. Thinking of you and wishing for a perfect transfer on Sunday.

  3. Thanks Hun! That's sweet! You say it all so well!

    E :)