Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Disclaimer: The contents of this site are often of an offensive nature.

Sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally.

I employ copious usage of cuss words. Especially the following:



I'm living in Taipei with my husband until around March '09, which will make our stay almost a full year. We're here due to a gig he got cutting an animated film. Our pets (2 dogs: Zeke + Tallulah, 1 cat: Elly) are still back in LA and are being lovingly cared for in their own home by our friend Paul.

When we finally return, they'll probably lavish us with slobbery licks, then pull back and ask, "Why'd you have such a long day at work? Well, Paul was fun. We kinda really love him. Bye Paul. Where's dinner?"

Despite being married to an editor, his skills haven't rubbed off. Not great at editing myself. Not when it comes to my flowery writing style, nor when it comes to screening out thoughts + foul language that some with finer taste + manners may deem inappropriate.

Well, I patiently say, "Fuck 'Em.”

I'm not concerned about conflicting with others’ religious or political beliefs, nor was I raised to be "a lady," but rather, "a woman." Call me pedestrian, but I am a firm believer that the word, “FUCK,” is one of the most satisfying to say in the English language... and I swore like a sailor BEFORE I was on mood-altering hormones. Ah, the simple pleasures.

Within my postings, you'll find...

Blatant biases against:

1.) organized religion.
2.) right wing Republicans.
3.) blind, herded masses who don't think for themselves.
4.) rules that make no sense (such as "em" vs. "en" dashes--I'll sometimes partake in employing the space, hyphen, space style - if I'm so inclined).
5.) stupid people.


Blatant biases for:

1.) free-thinking spirituality.
2.) Barack Obama.
3.) tolerance, empathy, and kindness.
4.) creativity.
5.) healthy sense of humor.

If the above approach does not appeal to your delicate sensibilities, kindly move on.

You brave others, consider yourself sufficiently forewarned. *Oooooohhhhhh*

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