Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bad hair day for over 275 days. I'll take it.

Finally got my hair trimmed. Still growing it out, but they keep cutting off too much. I had some funky chunky steaks of reddish copper put in about 3 months ago. When the IVF didn't take, I figured at least I could turn the lemons into lemonade and get the streaks covered up to match the 1.5 inches of dark brown roots that had grown out of my head. I wanted as close to my natural color as possible so if (oops, when) I do get pregnant, I won't be stuck with the tacky line marking the passage of time.

I thought I was getting my desires clearly communicated as the receptionist speaks English and I'm great at miming. But I keep forgetting that when most people speak English well here, it's still quite lacking and they don't like to admit when they've gotten lost in translation. Saving face is big in their culture.

I'm now a fake red head. Ok. Bright auburn. And now have bangs. And in an Oedipal twist, my new do now pretty much looks just like how my MIL always wore her hair... on top of my already resembling her. Hmmm.

Does part of my visualizing getting pregnant involve embracing watching that tacky line move down my head?


  1. Sorry about the hair mishap. It doesn't sound so bad though! Maybe it will fade a little. :)

  2. Sigh. Few things are as aggravating as a bad hair experience ... 'cause you relive it every freaking day. Lea is right - fading could get you where you want to go.