Sunday, January 18, 2009

Double day: 41st b-day AND 7 year TTC anniversary

I think back to the 7 years when we officially began our TTC journey and oh the naive kids we were waaaay back.

Note to the non-IF girlies: don't add the momentous occasion of trying to start a family on top of another celebratory day.

That said, had a wonderful b-day weekend! It wasn't especially planned and came off as if it were a finely oiled machine. Way to go, Sweetie!

I think having those embies on ice awaiting the transfer in February made the TTC anniversary way easier to swallow this year. That little thing called "HOPE" does have a nice bolstering effect. Instead of a waaaah-fest, it was more of a, CRAP, does time fly! I'm no longer a 40 year old; I'm officially in my "early 40s," pass the anti-gravity creams, pronto.

Ugh. Just writing that thwacked me on the head, making me think: "I can't believe we don't have kids yet... and I need to go to bed earlier. If it works in Feb., how the hell am I gonna have the energy? Speaking of bed, I'm tired."

Yes, I'm usually up way past this hour. But we shared a bottle of Merlot at dinner in Danshui, so it's the wine damn it... not a sign of being a decrepit "early 40s" old lady.


  1. Happy happy day! So glad it was good despite the TTC anniversary. That's a bit much to handle in one day. February is just around the corner! :)

  2. My word verification was Blangsta. I don't know why, but it made me laugh.