Friday, January 16, 2009

The future is wide open.

We've now officially "come out" to all parental units that we're trying IVF here. They were all great about it... "we love you either way," etc. We've luckily received ZERO pressure from anyone to "give them" a grandchild, which we're so grateful for. It's so ridiculously sad a lot of my infertile peers must deal with that on top of everything else.

My assignment now is to actually open myself up to this thing called, HOPE. Don't think I allowed myself to "go there" the first round.

We're nearing the end of Dan's time on the project. But we still have some unfinished personal business:

1) 13 frozen embies awaitin' for a home (yes, I'm hoping my womb doesn't get to meet all of them personally).

2) STILL have credit card debt from our aforementioned renovation project.

Aside from those two factors, we are over Taipei. If they weren't an issue, we'd want to be home yesterday. I was totally enamored the first 3 months or so and now I'm tired of a host of things. And Dan feels the same way except x5. I def. like it more than Dan, for sure. But, unlike my kept woman, life of leisure here, he has to contend with some of the MOST unnerving cultural differences in dealing with the idiots in management at his work.

If I were a less picky eater and more in love w/ food, I may have made it to 5 months without getting sick of it. Alas, I'm not only a picky eater, I'm a lazy eater. MISS TRADER JOES! I've never outgrown the apathetic eating habits of a male college student.

Here's why we're especially burnt:

The infrastructure's set-up, in combination w/ their cultural density (I mean that in both senses), literally leaves one exhausted when it comes down to the day in, day out aspects of leading one's life. Because after the luster of being a "visitor" wears off and the daily tasks involved in residing in any large city settle in, it's a grind like everywhere else. I mean, here the traffic is so fucked up, we get caught in traffic jams AS A PEDESTRIAN. CONSTANTLY. Strange. At least we're not adding emissions by idling an engine.

No idea what our future holds once we leave.

I have my real estate license to fall back on. And I've been honing my renewed love of writing (rambling and neurotic as it may sometimes be). I'm hoping I can make some $ from it one of these days. And I have shitloads of wonderful supplies to make my jewelry--which I missing. But as my resume rant clearly indicated, the one thing I've concluded about myself is I'm just never going to be one of those people who is any good at randomly finding great employment via a resume--no matter HOW much great shit I have accomplished. And that will probably serve me very well, thank you.

Outside of wanting my future to be plainly clear by some (one, please) of those embies sticking, I've meanwhile "birthed" a new baby...

My social experiment birthday present:


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