Friday, March 6, 2009

Resume Revision = Ranting + Raving RAGE

Microsoft Word SUCKS.

Microsoft Word SUCKS.

Microsoft Word SUCKS.

Microsoft Word SUCKS.

Microsoft Word BLOWS.

Just despise it. Always have. A program this ubiquitous (and unfortunately necessary), should damn well be the most user-friendly, intuitive, and universal piece of glorious software out there.

HR departments generally require a Word doc especially for keyword purposes. Annnnnd they want a nicely formatted document. WTF?!?! There's this thing called Adobe Reader. You format/design a doc however you want in whatever friggin' program you want, then when you send it, the recipient views it how it's intended to be viewed--fonts and margins all intact. What a concept, huh?

Can anyone out there shed some light as to why HR software programs weren't designed to interface with Reader vs. Fuck-You-Up-At-Every-Paragraph-Word?

Anyone find it ironic that these are the people heading up making decisions about our worthiness as a relevant employee while they insist on perpetuating the use this inane product? Oh the wasted hours I've thrown away beating my head against the WORD WALL.

I think it might, once again, boil down to the fact that--now brace yourselves, I guess I'm coming out here--the fact that I AM A MAC USER. That's right. There, I said it. Proud Mac user for that matter. Yes, I can work a PC (dur, a monkey could compute these days), but I'm a dyed in the wool Mac user (helps that I get Dan's hand-me-downs).

I suppose I deserve these constant obstacles in conducting business on my Mac. The horror... working on a Mac for anything other than specific creative purposes. I damn well deserve to struggle through Word and to be shut out of countless websites (cut us off from Explorer YEARS ago--FedEx anyone?!?!?!?!).

Yes, it's true. I have braved topics such as abortion and religion (or lack thereof), but delving into PCs vs. Macs just might be the tipping point for some of my dear readers. BTW, I DO love the Mac ads and I do think they're humorously accurate.

Oh the audacity to "think different"... (ly).


  1. My oldest is one of those annoying computer whiz kids and he adores his mac. In a raging fire, he would go back for that....not too sure if he would come back for me.

    He absconded with my laptop and it returned windowless and sporting the Ubuntu form of operating system.

    He will do ANYTHING to avoid windows.

  2. I adore my Mac! ADORE IT. I use a PC at work, but at Mac. :)

    You can't get rid of us that easy. ;)