Friday, January 30, 2009

What the... whhhhhaaaaaaat?!??!

Bitch. You already had SIX kids and you took fertility drugs for your SEVENTH pregnancy which resulted in a litter?

If I were fertile, I'd be considered an insensitive cnut for throwing that out there. But just as members of subcultures get to call each other the offensive names they'd maim anyone outside their realm for using, well GUESS WHAT?!?!? I'm in that infertile circle and I'm refraining from adding more expletives here. I GET to. I've "earned" my subculture status. Seventh pregnancy abusing fertility drugs.

Give me a fucking break.

Meanwhile, I truly wish all eight of her preemies nothing but well wishes and good luck, unfortunately they'll need it. Bleeding heart liberal as I may sometimes be, I swear to God if either Oprah or Rosie buys her a fucking house I will personally tear them a new one.


  1. yep! i wrote about this one last night...but I like your more colorful language.

  2. I had been intrigued to hear your reaction since I first read about this.

  3. I just found your blog from Mel's List and I love this post and the colorful language..Which I use often in my blog..OCTUPLETS. Thats how many puppies a dog has right?! And she already had 6 kids, no man in the picture and no job..How does she afford this? I agree..can she just let me adopt one of the babies? Does she need all 14?!

  4. Our society is bordering on criminal with the obscene use of these drugs. I applaud your rant and agree. What started as a wonderful resource for challenged couples has turned into a sickening circus.