Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Confucian Magic 8-Ball®esque Fortune Cookie say:

From time to time I actually interact with my own "gadgets" I've set up on my blog. When I sat down at my computer this morning, I made hitting the fortune cookie my first order of business (I'm genius at prioritizing my time.):

"Everything is not yet lost."

Seriously. Not making that up. That really was how it so appropriately read. Since I don't have a Magic 8-Ball® readily available, I thought that was very sweet of "The Universe" to remind me of that truth via the oh-so-accurate fortune cookie minus the carbs.

You faithful readers (I know, the plural usage there was lofty. Hi Laurie.*) may remember from reading a recent "small world" post that I'm new to the Facebook world. And in pursuing validating my inner Jr. High school dork, I've quickly acquired my roster of long lost friends - proving to everyone that indeed, I AM popular in The Cyber Quad, gosh darned it. So as I was perusing (in yet another procrastination ploy to avoid crunching numbers, though here I DO sit in my home away from home office) the latest goings ons w/ my long losts, I saw a photo of an Ex that caught my eye. (Yes, Dan and I are one of those couples who happily remain friends with our respective Ex's; many of whom, on both sides, attended our wedding.) I was one of those girls who dated a wide variety of different physical types. But there was a common personality type I have always, consistently, been attracted to: FUNNY. Funny and silly and creative and smart and driven and of course the most important shared element they ALL had to have? Big.

Appreciation for my humor.

This Ex was all spiffed out at a black tie wedding. The shot so captured one of the things I loved and still love about this guy - he's fun and funny - qualities he shares with my husband. This guy, in particular, happens to even look a little like Dan (something Dan himself unjealously noted). So when I saw this photo someone had "tagged" him in gleefully swinging his daughter around, making gravity pull her hair askew, while in his spiffy tux at a black tie affair, I cried. NOT because I was sad that WE did not end up together. I cried because it so captured what Dan should get to be: an inappropriately fun, funny, silly, and gleeful father.

And though as I'm writing this here, welling up again, I'm still silly enough to console myself in finding comfort in the wise words of the sage online fortune cookie:

"Everything is not yet lost."

Because even if we never get to impart our silly senses of humor to a child of our own, we'll always keep each other laughing.

*(Thanks for the "dismayed" gem you didn't want me using, sister!)


  1. Dude, all I got was "You have a reputation for being open and honest."

    Silly cookie!!! Flattery will get you nowhere.

  2. Thanks for playing at least. I find they're all pretty applicable! That's true for you, right?

    Today's: Happy event will take place shortly in your home.

    Hmmm. How long is "shortly" and will it literally be in my "home?" Too much digging on that one.