Monday, December 15, 2008

Someone give us some lube. Oh wait. Maybe not... (click to link)

...isn't that created with some kind of petroleum by-product?

Have I mentioned how very THRILLED I am that Obama won? Cried the whole day (November 5th over here). My tears shouldn't have surprised me too much. It was the time of the month where I could easily weep over old episodes of Friends (C'mon, who didn't cry when Chandler and Monica got engaged?). We had donated to his campaign, tried to sway on-the-fencers (will never understand that kinda of indecision...apathy?), and made sure to mail our ballot in early so we at least got to take some part in his winning. But crap, PMSing while celebrating such a monumental turning point in history all alone was...

Kinda lonely.

Sure, I got some Skyping in w/ friends and family, but it just wasn't the same as making lots of obnoxious noise w/ fellow American revelers.

So instead of cheering elatedly in the streets with others (in the States. Not here. Not too much revelry here. Although we did have a few taxi drivers ask, "Ni Meiguoren?" [You American?] and we'd nod then they'd animatedly shout, "OBAMA!" with a huge grin and a thumbs up.) I was transfixed watching CNN Intl's broadcast, with tears of joy unrelentingly streaming down my face. Swimming in my strong urge to express my excitement, I was compelled to show him some sugar from my isolated 6th floor apartment in Taipei.

I made 44th President Elect Barack Obama a mixed tape hoping he'd be my boyfriend.

Here's the compilation:
  1. Enter...Hot Curry: Madlib
  2. I'm Gonna Sit At the Welcome Table: Hollis Watkins
  3. Men Of Good Fortune: Lou Reed
  4. Everything Is Broken: Bob Dylan
  5. Jesus Walks: Kanye West
  6. For What You Dream Of For What You Dream Of: Bedrock - Trainspotting
  7. All Here and Now: Martin Luther King, Jr. - The Best of the Speeches
  8. #9 Dream: John Lennon
  9. We Shall Overcome: Freedom Songs - Selma, Alabama
  10. Hallelujah: John Cale - Basquiat
  11. This Little Light: The Freedom Singers
  12. Here Comes The Sun: The Beatles
  13. A Dream, A Dream, A Dream: Bert Jansch
  14. Give Peace A Chance: John Lennon
  15. If You Can Dream 50's: Lena Horne
  16. Praise Him: Udaipur Convent School Nuns and Students - The Darjeeling Limited
  17. Ten Things: Paul Baribeau
  18. Young Americans: David Bowie
  19. Here Comes Your Man: Pixies
  20. It's A Good Day: Peggy Lee
  21. Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Israel Kamakawiwo'ole - Alone in IZ World
  22. Move Away and Shine (In a Dream Version): Tim DeLaughter
  23. Smoke Circle: Madlib
Ah. I felt much better after pouring my enthusiasm into creating my ode of love to Mr. Obama. I noted once it was complete how many songs were from the 60s/civil rights movement peak (yeah, and? duh) and how many had a savior/religious slant. You know, we're far from religious folks, but I found it interesting that's the direction I went.

Which leads me to relate the following thinking:

When we started seriously evaluating the viability of pursuing IVF treatment here, Dan and I had agreed if the outcome of the election extended the world's expiration date, we felt like we could kinda justify bringing another kid into a world. Yes, we felt this election was that important.


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