Sunday, December 14, 2008

Beauty is Art (click here for more of Mr. Jouet's artwork)

Tim and Lisa came up with that title - it's their slogan - I take no credit here. Didn't see it on their site. Donde Esta? Well, it's there in how they approach their biz and life.

If they hadn't finally (they've been a couple for, like, EVER) had gorgeous Kiki, we may not have had the proof for Dan that you can, in fact, be a dad and still manage to still surf. Thanks, Timmy for allaying his fears. (In keeping with the surf theme, I'm compelled to add he's engrossed in the animated film, Surf's Up. How'd he take so long to watch this? It's combining two of his great passions.)

We are big fans of both of their work. No one is better at cutting and styling our hair than Lisa. And we have quite the growing collection of Tim's art. Pretty soon we'll be seeing Kiki's art splattered all over the press touting her as a child prodigy. Except the good kind - who end up living happy successful lives as adults,** not to be confused with once successful child actors who end up living unhappy, sporadically (if at all) successful lives as an adult (if they live that long).***

*see: in our home.


***see: (OMG. I was being really flippant and was going to link to one, not too depressing link. But they were all really depressing.)
Makes Danny Bonaduce seem madly successful. (Sheesh. Sorry Vidal. I am sufficiently chagrinned.)

P.S. We miss you guys tons!

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