Friday, December 12, 2008

Ever the procrastinator - Gonna backtrack here

-d* with Paul and the dogs today. He wanted to make sure I saw Zeke with his newly patched wound - he had a hematoma on his ear removed. Poor baby had to go under, but so far no need for the grand Elizabethan collar.

I told Paul I'm finally doing a blog and he asked,

"Really? Isn't it too late? I've wanted to see what you were up to from the beginning..." And I forget the rest.

Because I started thinking, "Too late for what?"

I suppose what he was implying was,

"Hey, lazy ass - we cared when you were first there. But now that you've been there for over 6 months, it's all old news. Those shots you intend to post? They're dated, man. And you know what else? I kinda stopped caring. But, whoa! Now that you're gonna blog about IVF in addition to dodging motor scooters, hold me back. I CAN'T WAIT to hear about your clumpy blood flow. I take it back. No, it is not too late. It's never too late to foist ones thoughts into the Internet ether. Lord knows I have no clue how this blogging world has functioned without your special brand of oil to grease its wheels!"

I found it funny that Paul of all people said he had wanted to see what I was up to since he's probably one of the MOST privy out of everyone in our life. Sheesh. I guess that speaks volumes about how far up our asses our heads have been in failing to keep in touch with loved ones in the states. Then again he said SEE, so yes, I need to continue to edit my copious amounts of shots to finally post my best of. And as far as details go, I have a few email ramblers that I'm going to cull some best of from there. Then I shall try to fill in the gaps from what little I'm able to tap from my porous memory banks. From the time I arrived, my good ol' friend Amy was kindly inquiring about where my nonexistent blog was. I lazily sent her the link from my husband's apathetic stab at it. She saw a few pics and was mildly satisfied, then got bored with pressing further. Well, Ames, this post is dedicated to you! And Paul, so there. It is NEV-AH too late to start. NEV-AH, I tell you.


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