Friday, April 24, 2009

Silent Sorority: Please support a wonderful IF sister's awesome book!

Pamela Jeanne over at coming2terms has been a much-needed voice in this IF world. Her story may be scary to those just starting down the fun IF rabbit hole, and oh-too-familiar to those of us who have joined her on the other side.

I met PJ via blogging while I was in the last stretch of my TTC journey and we immediately bonded. I was so happy to discover a kindred spirit--giving me hope that I, too, could gracefully traverse the "child-free, but not by choice" path should we find ourselves staring down at yet another SINGLE PINK LINE after our last FET.

When we did indeed experience our final failure, she sent me a warm "welcome kit," personally there to embrace me with her soothing words as I crossed the threshold into the next stage of our lives. I'll always be grateful. Now she's offering that same charming and insightful support to anyone who's willing and able to shell out under $20 bucks!

She has just released her book Silent Sorority and I was lucky enough to get to read it already. I laughed, I cried, I cried, I cried, laughed some more, then sighed. Those of us who have suffered silently through the trials of infertility due to its still-present public stigma, viscerally crave our plight to be understood. And it's no easy task to convey what it's like to struggle with infertility in a world where today's "news" involves glaring headlines about the latest celebutante who, oopsie, managed to get knocked up by her boyfriend of several months. Not only will "Infertiles" find comforting validation reading Pamela's intimately chronicled decade-long struggle with trying to conceive, but hopefully "Fertiles" will be enlightened about the pain their sisters in the IF world endure. Pamela Jeanne delivers her message with a resonant voice that clearly depicts for the public at large what it's like to ride the IF roller coaster while reassuring us "Infertiles" that we are not alone.

Hiding out in public bathrooms? Not alone.
Subjected to celebratory baby bump chatter around the water cooler? Not alone.
Feeling left out of experiencing one of life's biggest milestones? Not alone.
Struggling to make peace with never getting to be a bio parent? Not alone.
Grappling with the overall ignorance and indifference towards IF? Not alone.
Getting to hit the movie theatre at a moment's notice? Not alone.
Learning to embrace the next stage without having to save up for a college fund? Not alone.

Thank you Pamela Jeanne for writing such an open and honest account of your heart wrenching IF experiences in this book and on your blog. Infertility Awareness continues to grow because of your forthright, brave, and humorous voice.

I am so glad you're a Ferrari, sister!

(click image to purchase)


  1. That was so nice of PJ, a care package! Great review.

  2. Hey - thinking about you. How's life?


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