Sunday, March 15, 2009

We may enter + exit the world alone, but in between we sure are not alone. And thank goodness for that.

Sam found some words she said I could borrow... Today. We're both dealing with the aftershocks of failed IVF and I thought what she wrote was lovely.

I actually have a bunch of stuff in my draft pile. But instead of editing it right now, thought I'd share what we've done on this, our last Sunday here in Taipei. The weather has been stellar.

Some of today's highlights:

Slept in.

Yeah, we get a lifetime of this now.

Had coffee.

Ditto above.

Went to plant our avocado tree.

Took the avocado plant we started here (think '70s style pit w/ the toothpicks triad in glass jar) up to where we have taken gorgeous hikes. A fallen tree called out to me to follow a path we'd never taken. We let intuition carry us to THE PERFECT SPOT where we placed what we did make in Taiwan into it's permanent home. The sunlight was glistening right where we placed it. The veined leaves were back lit and the plant had an almost chartreuse glow. I took a bunch of pictures to commemorate the moment and also to have my own "green" shot for my gogreenify site.

On our walk back home, we came upon a playground.

I rode a springy rocky horse at one of the many public parks/playgrounds they have here. I got a few stares here and there. Something I've gotten quite used to while living in Taipei. The Taiwanese have stared at us unabashedly since our arrival. Kinda like we're a new specimen of creature at a zoo. Though in this case, I wasn't just some white girl wearing sunglasses. I was an adult publicly making a fool of myself (very skilled at being as unabashed a fool as they are at staring). This little boy of about 4 creeps into my peripheral vision and tentatively mounts the same ride right next to me. Then he starts hammering away at showing me how to rock to and fro with some serious vigor. He flashes me a smile. I try to catch up with his pace, as he slows down to mine. We had a moment of timed rocking and smiling. Then he slowed down altogether. Uttered the sweetest small "bye" as he dismounted and ran off to make some other kid not feel so lonely in their playtime.


  1. Sounds delightful...I too am trying to focus on the fact that there are still BEAUTIFUL and WONDERFUL things in life, despite the crapshoot of infertility. And GAH, we have tried getting an avacado seed to grow but it has never worked...I don't know if he tried the toothpick in water trick though, I think we just planted it...

    *runs to the store and buys and avacado*

  2. such a sweet, poignant post ... loved the image of you and the little guy on your horses. we're both softies.

  3. I loved this post. I'm virtually bopping on the springy horse thingy over here across the ocean.

  4. That's a lovely way to end this ... adventure. We are waiting for you with lots of love.

  5. I love both stories, the planting of the avocado tree and the encounter with the little boy. My heart goes out to you during your time of grieving.

    BTW, I got stared at constantly, or worse, when I lived in a small village in West Africa.

  6. My sweet new friend, what a wonderful way to end off your adventure in Taipei. *sigh* Would have been WAY better if you had a + cycle but let's not cry over spilled milk too much huh?

    Thinking of you and praying for you.


  7. I love this farewell to Taipei post. What a poignant day. I hope that peace you're after finds you, or you it.


  8. sounds like you made the most of your day. i am impressed. i'm also sorry about you bfn. hang in there.


  9. I MISS YOU!!! I hope your move went well. Thinking about you often... :)

  10. Hey, tried to click on your twitter link and it's not working for me??? Are you still going to be blogging? Hope the move went well - thinking of you.