Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wean the Caffiene

Discipline time again. I indulged in my daily coffee ritual after the last IVF didn't work. But as we're approaching the transfer (less than a week from now!), I guess it's time to stop again.


[Insert picture of screaming, whining kid here. Had an image posted, but the one in your head is probably better anyway!]

More whining:

I think this estrogen is making me feel crazy hungry--despite eating pahleeenty. I always attributed this mid-cycle feeling to ovulating. As the Lupron shots assure that ain't the case, I'm having the revelation that all these years it must've been the estrogen that was plumping up my lining in vain. Or not. I'm sure I can Google away attempting to do my research. Don't really care at this point. I just want the feeling to go away.

What could possibly quell this feeling?

Continuous loop in my head :


  1. NOOOOO! Not the evil donuts! Resist, resist!

  2. Love the picture of the you! :) I know the feeling. I didn't realize you were almost at tranfer already! I must have missed something. Hmmm. Oh well. Wishing you tons of luck and hope and all the other good stuff that is hard to get.

  3. So primal - and, mmmm, delicious! Maybe they can find a way to make caffeine and donuts into health foods. There are loads of smart chemists out there...get on it, people.

    Hang in there ...

  4. *I licked the one with the M&M's so that one is mine. :)

    *(this is a must do scenario in my house when there is any type of artery clogging incentive around)