Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ah, facebook. Making the world seem yet even smaller.

Between Neal Pollack and You:

Today at 6:26pm ("today" is 1/1/09 in LA world)

Hi Neal,

We "met" when you wanted to rent our house on Tipton for your big move to LA. Just now I was looking at my friend JP's interests, and clicked on DadCentric out of curiosity. Your profile was one of the ones they showed.

K. But the extra crazy part (and by crazy, I think I just mean, simple old, TMI, OCD, Crazy.) is that we're friends b/c he's a neighbor of mine down south in SD. Which is where we were living the last time we were trying to conceive and with "trying" being the operative word, we were working on letting it go.

So theeeen, I got that book about baby ambivalence and there I saw your contribution.* Cut to Dec. '08 and we're currently living in Taipei (for Dan's work) and are taking advantage of their MUCH less costlier (I could have written cheaper, but I didn't want to hex the process by implying anything about its quality) IVF. I'm in my 2WW.

Wow. Finding deep meaning in everything - It's a gift.

Since we'd made peace w/ closing the door on parenthood, trying to pry that door open once again, brings back our old friend, ambivalence. Of course we decided the pros outweigh the cons or else I wouldn't have bothered to pay thousands of dollars to pump my ovaries up to the size of grapefruits.

I'm going to take it as I great sign I randomly found you through a Fan Club for DadCentric (doing IVF is making my superstitions flare!).

Being a facebook newbie, I am once again, glad I finally joined. Happy to touch base w/ long losts. Glad to see you've stuck it out in LA. It'd be great to hear from you - find out where you've landed, how you've liked it, etc. Perhaps once we're back in the states we could actually grab that long-ago mentioned cup of coffee (or herbal tea--depending on my pg. status) and finally meet in person, like at Auntie Em's. MISS Auntie Em's...

Hope you and your family have a splendid '09!



*(This footnote is for the benefit of readers. Don't worry, I didn't show him a link to a book he participated in writing - I haven't gotten that loopy.)

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